Best Game Ever

Even though this was my first major project at WSC, it is still by far my biggest. My freshman year of college, I was tasked with creating a game in Java. I was given the freedom to create whatever I wanted as long as it involved Java and Java Swing. I ended up creating a program with over 10,000 lines of code that included everything from PVP to a leveling system. This was the project that made me fall in love with programming!

As the excerpt states, this project consisted of around 10,000 lines of code. It was my first major project while attending WSC. During my freshman year, we were tasked with creating a Java program/game using Java Swing. The original project only required a simple rock, paper, scissors-style game, but we were informed that if we felt comfortable, we could create whatever we wanted. Long story short, I went a bit overboard and ended up making a full-on mini-RPG.

The game I created included a simple tutorial system with tons of information on how the game worked. This was achieved using a mix of Java and HTML. The primary goal of the game was to be the last one alive or be the first one to kill the Goblin King, who resided in the center of the map. Players could engage in PVP combat if they encountered each other, allowing them to eliminate other players as well.

The game features included PVP, monster battles, an inventory and loot system, shops, leveling, random events with choices on how to deal with them, special skills based on classes, and a skill system for attributes like Strength, Luck, etc. The map was semi-functional and generated based on the number of players. It consisted of a grid of images from RPG maker that I pieced together using for loops to create a grid of said images.

Despite being created by a college freshman with no knowledge of design patterns at the time, the code was fairly well-organized. Overall, it was a fun and rewarding project that deepened my love for programming.

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