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This was my first website made using WordPress/Elementor. My brother, who is a professional content writer, was in the process of reinventing his website, and I was in the process of learning how to make custom WordPress themes. Long story short, with the help of my wife, who is a designer, we designed and developed this website for him.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve slowly but surely become more interested in web development and learning everything I can about it. This has led me to work on a few web-based projects, including this site as well as my brother’s website, which he uses to advertise his copywriting services. The site design itself was done by my wife, but everything from setting up the website hosting, domain work, and development work was on me.

In this instance, I ended up using WordPress with Elementor to create this website. I chose these tools for a few reasons. The first being that although Elementor is a site builder, it’s built with web developers in mind. Pretty much all the terms, tools, and controls that exist in Elementor use terms that make it easy to understand if you have development experience. Apart from that, I also picked it because my brother is not that familiar with coding, so this makes it easier if he ever has to add or modify content on his site.

Another small note about these tools is that even though a lot of what you need to do can be done inside the builder, you still have to be familiar with things like HTML, CSS, JS, and even PHP if you want to do anything beyond the normal capabilities of these tools. This is another reason why I love working with things like WordPress because even though it can make simple tasks fast and easy, when it comes to more complex things, you aren’t limited in what you can do.

Overall, this project was a fun and enjoyable experience, and it was an interesting learning experience working with tools like WordPress and Elementor.

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