Mobile App Development

WSC Mobile App

My WSC mobile app was meant to be my 'dream' app that I wish I had when I first started attending WSC. This app was designed as a prototype and was one of my first real attempts at following an MVC architecture. It had the ability to display social events, tons of important WSC info, and even had a filtering system for which events you might be interested in. When I was developing it, I even did my best to simulate SQL calls so if there was enough interest, I could easily hook it up to a database.

This app was made using Android Studio, and the language used to create the app was Java.

Like the homemade arcade machine, this was another practicum project I worked on while attending WSC. When I first arrived at WSC as a freshman, I missed most of freshman orientation because I was still recovering from being sick. As I went through WSC, I realized there was quite a bit of useful information that wasn’t always easily found or common knowledge unless you went through this orientation, and even if you did, it wouldn’t have been a stretch to assume people would forget a fair bit of it after a few weeks.

The WSC mobile app was created with that in mind. The app had everything from dorm rules, help sheets, to commonly needed campus phone numbers. It also was meant to help keep track of academic and finals schedules and keep you up to date on campus news. On top of that, it even had a place to help you be more involved in campus and dorm-specific activities. The app image for ‘My Campus Life’ would change based on which dorm you belonged to, and the events it displayed for dorm events were dynamic and based on which dorm you belonged to as well. It also had campus-wide events that had a filtering system so you could filter out events you’re not interested in.

The actual backend of the app was designed following an MVC pattern, and the mock data was designed to mimic how an actual SQL call would have returned data so that if there was ever any real interest in turning the app into an official WSC app, it would have been an easier switch from fake to real data. Overall, this was a really awesome and fun project that I loved working on and learning about Android Development.

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